Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take to visit Park Minigolf?
It takes about 1-1,5 hours on a Park course and about 45 minutes in Wild Wild West Saloon to play minigolf.
2. Can I make pictures in Park Minigolf?
Of course! Make as many pictures as you like and share them in social media with #parkminigolf.
3. Where can I park?
Parking is available in Nautica centre parking lot.
4. Can I come in a wheelchair?
Park Minigolf is accessible also with a wheelchair. Wild Wild West Saloon holes are built in a way that it is possible to play in a wheelchair.
5. How can I pay?
We accept all bigger debit and credit cards and cash of course. It is also possible to use here Nautica centre gift cards.
6. Can I come with my class?
Of course! Let us know you are coming with your classmates and will make your day in Park Minigolf memorable.
7. Can I host my birthday party in Park Minigolf?
Of course! Let us know, when you want to have your party and we’ll help you organize it and we will make it a great one!
8. Can I have my wedding in Park Minigolf?
Of course! It would be a great honour for Park Minigolf.
9. Is there an age limit in Park Minigolf?
We don’t have an age limit. If you can hold a golf club, you can also play.
10. Do I need to change my shoes?
You can visit Park Minigolf with your regular shoes, no exchange is needed. We just suggest that you leave bigger bags and clothing in the wardrobe.